[Important Information] Information on suspension of EMS delivery

by gravevault official
Thank you for using gravevault online store.

Recently, as reported in various media, transportation costs have increased due to soaring prices of coal and crude oil, and overseas transportation has been stagnant due to the spread of the COVID-19.

Under such circumstances, Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. (Post Office) has notified us of a significant increase in shipping costs for EMS flights and a significant delay in the delivery date and time.

Specifically, the contents were as follows.

・ EMS fares from Japan to East Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.) and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.) will increase by about 80%
・ EMS fares in Europe and North America (EU, Canada, USA, etc.) will increase by about 60%

In addition, the time required for delivery after shipping the package from our shop is also "generally about 2 weeks plus the current required time. It may take more time and in some cases."

Many of our products are used by customers outside Japan, but we cannot afford to pay the customer for the shipping cost and the number of days required to deliver the ordered product.

Therefore, when shipping goods to outside Japan at our shop, from June 1st, we will only deliver to customers outside Japan by DHL.

Please understand.

(There is also a baggage transfer service outside Japan, so you can choose the delivery service as appropriate according to the situation in your area.)


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