[End] gravevault renewal campaign! More Fun with gravevault!

by gravevault official
"gravevault renewal campaign! More Fun with gravevault!" Campaign in progress!

If you are "gravevault website member" and "Mail Magazine Subscriber", You can get and use "COUPON CODE", You will discount below,

Order amount price over 10,000JPY:1,000JPY discount!

Order amount price over 30,000JPY:5,000JPY discount!

Let's check out!

How to registration

Please click "MY PAGE" icon, go to member registration screen.

Please input your E-mail address and Password, do not forget "Mail Magazine" marking to checkbox.
*If you are already registered our website member, please mark "Mail Magazine" checkbox and save.

How to use

Please copy "coupon code" written in Mail Magazine or Member registration mail.

After some products choose, you will go "checkout" screen, please paste "Coupon code" in Promo code form.
Then, please push "Apply" button.

You will be able to see "Order discount" text, your coupon code is working.
*If you change your cart products, your "Coupon code" is cleared.
Please re-paste and push "apply" button.


This campaign has ended.
In future we will hold a coupon campaign for members only, so please look forward to it!

* For customers who have already subscribed to membership & mail magazine, we have announced the coupon code with e-mail magazine prior to this campaign.
* Coupons can not be used for members who only register for membership. Please apply for the e-mail magazine subscription and wait until the coupon code is delivered the next e-mail magazine.
※ Coupon can not be used for customers who only subscribe to Mail Magazine, so please register as a member.
※ When registering as a new member, you also subscribe to the e - mail magazine, and you will receive a member registration e - mail containing the coupon code.
※ The coupon code will only be informed of e-mail magazine · member registration e-mail. If you can not find the mail, please check "Spam folder".
※ docomo / au / softbank etc. If you are using mobile carrier mail, please make the domain reception permission setting of "gravevault.jp" beforehand.
※ The first use of coupons is limited to 100 people. Please understand beforehand that this coupon can not be used if it reaches the prescribed number.
※ Please understand beforehand that it is not possible to respond to events caused by customer's environment, such as not knowing how to use coupons and not seeing e-mails with coupon codes listed.
※ When the unauthorized use occurs at the time of ordering / delivery of this campaign, the campaign will be canceled immediately.